Medicare Prefix and Suffix

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Medicare Prefix and Suffix

Medicare Suffixes
Medicare Suffixes. Here\’s what the letters behind the Medicare number mean: *A = retired worker. B. = wife of retired worker. B1 = husband of retired worker.

Medicare General Information, Eligibility, and Entitlement Chapter 2
Medicare coverage and must pay the HI portion of the FICA tax. A State ….. is possible for the 9-digit number, the prefix, the suffix or all three to change. It is also.

record, under 65 and disabled, etc. Note: A Railroad Retiree\’s Medicare Card has a prefix instead of a suffix. See chart on following page for more information on …

Category: Medicare Advantage – Anthem
alpha prefix for Medicare Plus Blue PPO members is XYO. This chart summarizes the group numbers and suffixes for URMBT members with Medicare Plus Blue …

Supplier Manual, Chapter 1 Introduction – CGS
Additional information about the HICN, including valid HICN prefixes and suffixes , can be found in the CMS Internet-Only Manual (IOM), Pub. 100-01, Medicare …
040413 Educational Series – Medicare Insurance Cards
Information describing the HIC number alpha suffix is available via: • MEDTRON User Guide: Medicare Policy #/HIC Codes. • CMS manual (beginning on page …
Application for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan – Blue Cross …
Medicare card. This information must be provided for us to complete your application process. Your Medicare Claim No. (please include any prefixes or suffixes).
Introduction to Medicare Billing Guide – NHIC, Corp.
Jul 2, 2010 … MEDICARE BENEFICIARY INFORMATION . …… It is important to verify the beneficiary\’s Health Insurance Card-number and suffix, exact spelling of the name and that the patient … alpha prefix (e.g., A001-23-4567). Medicare …
MA-3525 – NC DHHS Online Publications – Home
Medicare suffix or Railroad Retirement prefix. 3. Electronic accretions are not processed for open/shut cases. Complete a. DMA-5004, Buy-In Clerical Action, …
Health Insurance Claim Number Form (HIC #) – Regence
5. Your Medicare Health Insurance Number (HIC #) including the alpha prefix, or suffix, and the effective dates as indicated on your Medicare card. A. HIC #: …
PAAD, Senior Gold – State of New Jersey
Jun 13, 2013 … List your (and your spouse‟s, if married) Medicare Claim Number(s) and suffix or Railroad Retirement. Number(s) and prefix exactly as it is …
OASIS GUIDEBOOK For Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies …
beneficiaries, the HHA must verify the patient\’s eligibility for the Medicare home health …… The patient\’s Medicare number, including any prefixes or suffixes.
CMS-1500 Fact Sheet – Network Health
bill Medicare Carriers or Part A/B and Durable Medical Equipment Medicare …. The alpha prefix or suffix is part of the HICN and should not be omitted.
2013 Billing Guide – Tri-Cities Laboratory
Apr 1, 2013 … Insurance ID number (Medicare HIC # + Prefix or suffix character(s)). Marked Test (s) being ordered with appropriate and valid ICD-. 9 for every …
Medicare Advantage Office Administrative Manual – BlueCross …
Payment by Provider Type for BlueCross Medicare Advantage Covered Services. … three-digit alpha-prefix, is not captured and submitted correctly, providers may …… Jr., III), enter the last name followed by a space and then the suffix.
Medstar Legend Tubes – Medstar Laboratory
if Medicare does not provide payment. Patient Signature. X. MEDICARE. SUPPLY PATIENT. ADDRESS ABOVE. PREFIX. SUFFIX. PATIENT MEDICARE I.D. …
Big Sky Rx Application
(Medicare Prescription Drug Plan) … Suffix. Are you applying for Big Sky Rx? Yes . No. Social Security Number: … Medicare Effective Date: Month Year … Prefix. Number. 4. ALTERNATE ADDRESS: If you reside elsewhere during the year.
U4766PNHP Provider r001 – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North …
member\’s two-digit suffix J + 1234567 + 01. New Blue … identity. PARTNERS Blue Medicare new alpha prefixes … the alpha prefix at the beginning of the.
Center for Medicaid and State Operations – Center for Medicare …
Feb 18, 2010 … Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) and the Medicare Savings Programs (MSP). More detailed … payment of Medicare Part B premiums, for individuals with income at least equal to 120 percent, but below ….. Claim # (9 digits), a prefix (1 digit) and a … Suffix. PIC X(04) Beneficiary\’s Suffix. 77-84. Beneficiary\’s Date.
2013 Billing Guide – CLS
Insurance ID number (Medicare HIC # + Prefix or suffix character(s)). Marked Test (s) being ordered with appropriate and valid ICD-. 9 for every test ordered.

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